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The ever popular Honda BeAT now comes with latest colour and stripes, based on Stylish Sport and Modern elements.


Top Box 11.2ℓ > 11.7ℓ and Fuel Tank 4.0ℓ > 4.2ℓ

More storage space and a larger fuel tank.


Combine Brake System (CBS)

Engaged using the rear brake lever, which combines the front and rear brakes


Seat Opener

Seat lifter that is more efficient and easier to operate.


Meter Panel

A modern, more sophisticated meter panel equipped with ECO indicator lights for better access to information.


LED Headlight

Stylish and modern LED headlight design to illuminate your journey


Modern Tail-Lights & Signal Lights

Sophisticated tail-light and signal light design.


Enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF)

Technologically enhanced frame, providing a better handle for your ride.


Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) Engine

The eSP engine with PGM-FI (planned fuel injection) that meets the Euro 4 standards which improves optimum performance.


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Scooter

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