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Take urban commuting to the next level. Ride the wave of peak utility with the Wave 125i.

Large 18ℓ U-Chamber
More space to load your helmet and personal belongings easily and safely. Thus avoiding theft.

New Graphics
The unique tunes clearly highlight the distinctive identity of the Wave 125i with modern graphic patterns that are sure to impress.

New Design Backlight
Sophisticated new taillight and signal light design.

Premium Meter Panel
The latest style blends with strategic layout and bright lighting, easy to read at a glance whether day or night.

LED Headlights
Stylish and modern LED headlight design to illuminate your drive.

5.4 ℓ Oil Tank
Larger fuel loads coupled with the advanced PGM-FI system and proven fuel efficiency, you are able to explore further without having to stop frequently to refuel.

Wave 125i

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Cub

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